Thursday, May 8, 2014

I Say: I Like Cats Too

I know I talk a lot about dogs. I love dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, young dogs, old dogs, you get the idea. But they're not the only animals that I love.

There are cats that live in the alley behind daycare. Every morning I make Dad stop and we talk to the cats. Then at night when we're leaving, I call out "kitty cats, where are you?", and we stand on the other side of the fence and look at them. Sometimes my friend Christian and his Mom keep us company. The cats are really fun, but they're shy and don't let me pet them. (Dad says that's for the best.)

There's a pet store around the corner from daycare. The other day Mom brought me in there, and I actually got to pet a kitty cat. I hung out on the floor with him and talked to him. I'll be sure to remind Mom and Dad that that's a good place to visit.
Me, Kitty, and Mom's thumb

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Say: Woof

We were back at my new favorite playground again today. Mom picked me up early from daycare and ran over there with me since it was such a beautiful day, and she says I need to "blow off some steam" so I'll sleep at night. I ran and jumped and swung. But mostly I played with dogs. 

When I see the dogs I tell mom I "want to be nice" and pet them. Even though I don't have my own dog, people are so nice to me and let me play with theirs. And the dogs like it almost as much as I do.

Monday, May 5, 2014

I Say: I Like Dogs

I love Yoki and Anna and Islandy at daycare. They take good care of me, feed me, and teach me. And I get to play with my friends there. But as much fun as I have, I love it when Mom comes to get me and takes me to the park. Today we met a puppy. He is only two months old. He and I got to know each other, and I got lots of doggy kisses. I really love dogs, and Mom is so nice that she stops every time we see a dog. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

I Say: I Love Aunt Rachel & Uncle Tony

This weekend Mom and Dad took me to visit Aunt Rachel and Uncle Tony. We went to the park, played with dogs, ate all sorts of good food, and played a lot. Aunt Rachel calls me her "boo bear", and that makes me happy. Dad drove for four hours to get us home. I spent most of the time sleeping or asking for Rachel, Tony, and their cats. I especially liked TJ. He was a little shy, but I liked him anyway.

I wish they lived closer, but I get to talk to them on the phone, and Dad talks to me about them all the time.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Say: I Like Monkeys

One of my favorite songs to sing with Mom and Dad is Five Little Monkeys. Sometimes I ask Dad to show me pictures of monkeys on the iPad. Mom got me a stuffed monkey at the Bronx Zoo. Cole sings about monkeys. Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys.

Today Mom and I had a discussion about my future:

Mom: what do you want to be when you grow up?
Me: A doctor
Mom: That's great. What kind of doctor?
Me: A doctor of monkeys!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Say: Yoga is Fun

Mom and Dad do this stuff called yoga. Dad used to stay yoga is for "tree hugging, whale licking, granola crunching hippies", but now he takes classes all the time at a school near our house. Every day when Dad and I get off the train I ask to go and say hi to the nice ladies who work there. They're always very nice to me, and I never leave before giving hugs and kisses. I haven't taken a class there, but I see what Mom and Dad do, and I practice it at home. I like to show off and let them see how good I am at it. So far I can do a 3-legged dog, cobra, and downward facing dog. I keep trying to jump into a handstand, and I think I'll be able to do it before Dad is.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Say: Auntie Rachel Made a Video

I love my Auntie Rachel. She makes me feel special every time I see her. And when she visits, she usually takes lots of videos of me. Today she sent over one that she made from a visit a few months ago. I keep making Dad play it over and over and over and over. Unlike when we watch Wheels on the Bus over and over and over and over, Dad doesn't seem to mind. Actually, when he thought I wasn't looking, I saw him just playing the last few seconds over and over and over and over. I think that's his favorite part.

Anyway, here's the video. You'll get to see me, plus as a bonus you get to see Tata. For some reason everyone else insists on calling her Lete, but she's my Tata.